BGAS (British Gas Approval Scheme)

Welcome to our BGAS Painting Inspection and Coating Inspector Training Program! This comprehensive course is meticulously designed to equip individuals with the essential skills and knowledge to excel as Painting and Coating Inspectors in various industries.

Course Highlights

  • Coating Principles: Develop a strong foundation in coating materials, application methods, surface preparation techniques, and the importance of corrosion prevention.
  • Inspection Techniques: Learn various inspection methods, including visual inspection, dry film thickness measurement, adhesion testing, and holiday detection.
  • Coating Standards: Familiarize yourself with relevant industry standards and specifications, such as ISO, SSPC, NACE, and customer-specific requirements.
  • Health, Safety, and Environmental Considerations: Prioritize safety protocols and environmental regulations relevant to coating operations.
  • Quality Assurance: Understand the significance of quality control and assurance in coating application, ensuring projects meet specified requirements.
  • Surface Preparation and Cleaning: Master the critical role of surface preparation in coating performance, including abrasive blasting and surface cleaning methods.
  • Coating Defects and Remediation: Identify common coating defects, their root causes, and effective remediation techniques.
  • Inspection Documentation: Learn how to accurately report and document inspection findings and coating performance.

BGAS certification has got two Grades

This is suitable for Candidates who already hold BGAS-CSWIP grades 3 and 2 in paining/painting inspection. This, the advanced qualification, deals specifically with offshore projects. Course includes Zones of offshore structures; offshore working; safety offshore; emergency procedures / escape routes; permit to work systems; vessel entry and enclosed space working; fire protection; BS 5378 safety signs and colours; BS 1710 identification of pipelines; finish color schedules BS381C and BS4800.
This is suitable for Candidates with or without experience in the Painting Inspection Industry. Course includes Corrosion theory; surface preparation; surface contaminants and tests; paint constituents and technology; solutions and dispersions; drying and curing properties and performance; specified painting conditions; cathodic protection; holiday / pinhole detection; paint-application methods; paint / paint film testing; paint identification; metal coatings; paint faults; colour; inspection methods; specification requirements; health and safety and working practices.
Enroll in our BGAS Painting Inspection and Coating Inspector Training Program and embark on a fulfilling journey to become a skilled and sought-after Painting and Coating Inspector. Let us empower you to maintain the highest standards of quality and excellence in surface protection across various industries.