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AWS CWI (American welding society Certified Welding Inspector)

The Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) involves great responsibil- ity and remarkable skill demonstration. The CWI is widely recog- nized, internationally and successful companies have come to rely on this AWS certification when ensuring the highest level of quality workmanship.

API (American Petroleum Institute)

The American Petroleum Institute (API) runs a certification programme for individual, especially for the in-service inspection of pressure vessels, piping and above ground Storage tanks.

BGAS (British Gas Approval Scheme)

British Gas Approval Scheme (BGAS) addresses numerous paint types and systems used in the construction and are suitable for candidates with industrial painting.


In today’s world where new materials are being developed, older materials and bonding methods are being subjected to higher pressures and loads, NDT ensures that materials can continue to operate to their highest capacity with the assurance that they will not fail within predetermined time limits.

CSWIP (Certification Scheme for Weldment Inspection Personnel)

CSWIP provides internationally recognised role-specific competence for people engaged in welding, joining materials integrity and inspection in manufacturing construction operations or repair of high integrity structures, plant or machinery.

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers)

The NACE Coating Inspector Program(CIP) has set the standard for inspections in the protective coatings industry.