Heat Ventilation And Air Conditioning (HVAC)

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• Introduction to HVAC
• Heat load calculation (manual)
• Standards used in HVAC
• ESP calculation & Hydraulic head calculation
• Heat transfer methods
• Study of ducts and its classification
• Vapour compression refrigeration system
• Duct designing methods (manual calculation)
• Refrigerant properties and their
• Pipe sizing (manual calculation) Software classifications
• Heat load calculation using Hourly Analysis
• Study of psychrometric chart Program (HAP)
• Classification of air conditioning
• Duct sizing calculation using McQuay Duct sizer systems
• Pipe diameter sizing using McQuay Pipe sizer
• Air cooled and water cooled chillers calculations
• Importance of ventilation
• Different types of ventilation systems
• Energy conservation measures
• Primary and secondary pump selection

• Introduction to AutoCAD
• Basics of AutoCAD and HVAC drawings
• Preparation of shop drawings
• Chiller scheme drawing