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Introduction to Plant Utility Systems Systems Boiler or Steam Generation
• Application of Steam as Utility
• Boiler Types
• Boiler Classification
• Fuels and Principles of Combustion
• Draft System
• Water System
• Efficiency Monitoring
• Energy Conservation Opportunities
Compressed Air System
• Application of Compressed Air as Utility
• Compressed Air System Components
• Air Compressor Types
• Compressed Air Treatment
• Design of Compressed Air Network
• Efficient Operation of Compressed Air System
Cooling Water Systems
• Cooling Water as a Plant Utility
• Cooling Water System Components
• Natural Draft Cooling Tower
• Mechanical Draft Cooling Tower
• Cooling Tower Selection
• Efficient Operation of Cooling Water System
Nitrogen Generation System
• Nitrogen as a Plant Utility
• Nitrogen Generation Methods
• In-plant Nitrogen Generation