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Course Duration 6 Months/ 3 Months

• Introduction of welding metallurgy
• Essentials of SMAW,GTAW & GMAW welding technology ,welding symbols
• General welding safety & welding precautions.
• Structural welding 1 G, 2G, 3G, 4G (SMAW)
• 45 degree inclined pipe welding (6G)
• Uphill welding the root bead on heavy wall pipes
• Welding the root bead by the gas tungsten arc welding process (TIG)
• The intermediate & cover passes
• Preparation of the pipe butt weld joint and alignment and bullet tacking bridge tacking
• Fit- up of pipe and fittings
• Welding thin wall pipe joints
• Horizontal pipe welding (2G)
• T.K and Y joints of pipe welding 6GR for steel structurals fabricated with pipes
• Distortion in pipe welding
• Pipe welding defects
• Preheating and post weld heat treatment for welding joints
• Welding consumable preservations and bakeing as per wps
• Qualification of the welding procedure and the welder qualification
• Inert gas application for purging stainless steel & alloy steel welding.
• NOE inspections and tests.